Monday, 28 June 2010


I did this a few weeks ago in response to the environmental catastrophe in the US.
Bad BP! You'd think they might have had some sort of back up plan huh? So, I then found out Greenpeace had a competition to rebrand BP so I entered it. I could win a day with a 'top graphic designer' - can't wait. Anyway it won't win, i'm not even sure it's on brief but you never know who's looking at these things. I would love to do some work for Greenpeace - a great cause.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I have been persuaded that its a good idea to keep a blog to raise my profile.
As I have no profile this should be easy! First up: Nick Clegg - people seem to be having trouble caricaturing him. so I thought i'd have a go - he is hard! all his features are in roughly the right place - he has no characteristic hairdo, scars, squints, or buck teeth to latch onto. He is truly the vanilla politician. I think I am nearly there, nose might need some more work. Haven't done anything with it yet, just need to wait til he does something stupid, which of course he will do at some point.